Auto Gas Conversion
We provide LPG & CNG retro-fitment for all petrol cars with imported kits as per the prescribed standards of ARAI /VRDE/ICAT.

Spare part sales
We sell and install all type of Auto Gas equipments and spare parts as per the prescribed standards of ARAI and Kerla Motor Vehicle department.
Periodical check ups, Maintenance and service
We provide quality maintenance and servces to all LPG & CNG retrofitted vehicles. Our efficient staff and well equipped retro fitment center renders unparalleled and advanced service as per standards.
Maintenance and service to multi branded Kits
We also provide the required maintenance and services to multi branded LPG & CNG Kits fitted vehicles from other conversion centers.
Trouble shooting of auto gas associated issues.
Our efficient techinicians are well equiped to troubleshoot any type of Auto gas associated issues and provide adiquate solutions.
Technical support and guidelines for efficient usage of retrofitted vehicles.
We provide all kinds of technial support and guidelines regarding Auto Gas and its benefit
Warranty and AMC
On brandwise , one year to three years Replacement Guarantee is generally available on your kit.You can opt AMC ( Annual Maintenance Contract ) for a period of one to five years so that you can get free repair and maintenance of your kits for the AMC period without paying any single penny.
Guidelines and help to secure the Motor Vehicle Department approvals
Surabhi Gas Track helps you to secure RTO approvals for Auto Gas converted vehicles and get it endoursed in the RC book..