Market leader in LPG/CNG auto gas conversion system since 1997
A step forward in building better future!
LPG/CNG retrofitment
We provide Auto Gas retrofitment for all petrol cars with imported kits as per the prescribed standards of ARAI /VRDE/ICAT.
Spare part sales
Sell/Install Auto Gas equipments and spare parts as per the prescribed standards of ARAI and Kerala Motor Vehicle department. 
Maintenance and service
Maintenance and services to multi branded LPG & CNG Kits fitted vehicles including products from other conversion centres
After sales service
Free maintenance and service to all LPG & CNG retrofitted vehicles from 1 to 3 years (depending on brand).
CNG is an excellent alternative to Petrol
Compressed Natural Gas or CNG as it is more commonly referred to is made from the same natural gas that is used in homes for heating and cooking. By compressing this natural gas, it can be used to fuel CNG vehicles.
Featured brands
We deal with world renowned and most popular automobile alternative fuel kit and components.
OMVL Sequential Injection System CNG Kit for up to 6 Cylinder Vehicles 
are in compliance with the latest safety standards for gas fuel system, Euro VI . 
OMVL latest technology is applied on new Direct Injection Engines where we now experienced a wide range of engines and calibration able to minimise petrol contribution, still keeping high reliability for petrol.

LET THE BLUE DRIVE YOU....LOVATO CNG Kits from ITALY for all petrol cars.
Live in a planet where each engine is sustainable. Lovato , the Italian Injection System is in the market in different models with features. Some of the models are in Multipoint Sequential Injection System - Easy Fast Smart, Easy Fast E-GO & Easy Fast C- OBD II. The traditional system kit is also available in the market. 

If you drive 100 km daily with a mileage of 15 km on your car. With a price of ₹73 for petrol and ₹53 for #CNG, you can save up to 226 daily and 7980 monthly with CNG as low as 2.21/km

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